Biography of Chancellor

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Name – Fida Mohammad

Sure Name – Mohammadi

Date of Birth – August/12/1987

Place of birth – Ghazni-Afghanistan

 Marital status - Married


                  Tel: 0728959386, WhatsApp, 0728959386

Job Title – Professor/ Physics

Educational Degree – Master Degree

Scientific Rank – Senior Teaching Assistant



  1. Primary School- Waghaz-Afghanistan,
  2. Secondary School- Qalaye Mohammad Khan High School, Ghazni-Afghanistan,
  3. Bachelor Degree- Shaikh Zayed University Afghanistan,
  4. Master Degree- Kharazmi University Iran,


Work Experiences:

  1. Academic member at Ministry of Education since center 1390
  2. Lecturer at Paktika University Physics Department 1391


  1. Pashto-excellent speaking, reading and writing,
  2. Dari- excellent speaking, reading and writing,
  3. English-very good speaking, reading and writing,


Others Skills:

  1. Computers soft skills,
  2. Reporting writing and editing,
  3. Translation from English language to Pashto and Dari,